Smoky Valley Dog Center

Have a less than well behaved pet or a new addition to the family that needs trained?


Smoky Valley Dog Center offers a wide variety of training options.  Our goal is to ensure that our four legged friends and their humans have the necessary tools and knowledge to live together harmoniously.  Since we offer so many options for the training of your pet, please contact us by phone so that we may determine what type of training will prove most successful.


Need boarding for your pet that isn't just "lock 'em up and leave 'em except to feed them"?  


Years of frustration with having to board our beloved Saint Bernards in conditions that were not at the level of care that we wished for them is what inspired Smoky Valley Dog Center.  Every time we vacationed, we spent most of our time worrying about our pups rather than enjoying the time away.   For years, we constantly heard the same complaints from others we came in contact with, a recurring theme of concern that pets were not given enough exercise, attention, and love during their absence.  Upon deciding that we wanted to start a training center, we knew that we had to offer boarding that allowed peace of mind for those that have to leave their four legged family members, even for a short time.  At Smoky Valley Dog Center, we are all about your pet.  Located on ten acres in a serene, rurual setting, we offer spacious rooms with 24/7 access to an outside area, a "pup playground", and an abundance of attention, love, and care from our family.    



Quality grooming services at an affordable price...


We understand just how important your dog's health is, and regular grooming is a key part of ensuring good health.  Regular baths, eye cleaning, ear cleaning, teethbrushing, and anal gland care all play an important part in your pup's overall health.  We also know just how expensive it can get if you don't have the time or desire to do it yourself.  We take pride in offering top of the line grooming services that won't bust your budget.  We offer only humane services. We will NOT "strip" or "pluck" our four legged friends, nor will we attempt to express anal glands if it is not needed. Expressing glands when it is not needed may put more money in a groomer's pocket, but it can cause a long term need for it to be done in pups that otherwise would have had no issues.  As a bonus, if you are already boarding your pup or having them trained, we will happily groom them right before they go home if you let us know your wishes at drop off. 

*We are state licensed and have all appropriate county permits. 

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